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Idle Space Company

Unleash the Power of Space: Explore, Innovate, and Conquer with [Space Company App]

1.14.18 by Bling Bling Games GmbH
(0 Reviews) June 18, 2024
Idle Space Company Idle Space Company Idle Space Company Idle Space Company Idle Space Company Idle Space Company

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June 18, 2024
Bling Bling Games GmbH
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In this relaxing idle tycoon game you can fly and upgrade your own rocket, discover and analyze stars from our galaxy and mine resources with your moon base. Fly higher than ever before, travel through the wormhole and become a rich idle space tycoon!


In this pleasant idle tycoon game, you may fly and upgrade your own rocket, explore and examine stars from our galaxy, and harvest minerals with your moon base. Fly higher than ever before, pass through the wormhole, and become a wealthy idle space tycoon!

Upgrade your rocket with powerful engines and advanced technology to explore even further into the unknown depths of space. Analyze the stars you discover to unlock new resources and technologies that will help you expand your moon base and increase your profits. As you travel through the wormhole, be prepared to encounter new challenges and obstacles that will test your skills as a space tycoon. With determination and strategic planning, you can build a vast empire and become the wealthiest player in the galaxy.

★ Run a space program and manage numerous facilities 🚀

★ Explore the solar system, our galaxy, and the entire universe 🌌

★ Learn about the stars of the Milky Way at our special events 🛰

★ Run and grow your space station and alien colony 🌎

★ Recruit and train astronauts, scientists, and other space pioneers 👽

★ Research new technologies and utilize them to develop your assets 💯

★ Generate idle cash for your investors and shareholders 💸

★ Unlock accomplishments for further bonuses.

★ Enter Wormholes to start afresh with more income 🌠

★ Discover new planets and alien civilizations as you venture further into the unknown depths of space 🪐★ Encounter cosmic anomalies and mysterious phenomena that challenge your understanding of the universe 🌀★ Form alliances with other space-faring civilizations or engage in epic interstellar battles for control of valuable resources ⚔️★ Customize your fleet of spacecraft with advanced weaponry and defensive systems to protect against hostile forces 🚀★ Embark on daring missions to rescue stranded astronauts, salvage valuable wreckage, or uncover ancient artifacts that hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the cosmos 🔍★ Compete in intergalactic tournaments and races to prove your skills as a master pilot and strategist 🏆★ Forge alliances with powerful alien empires or establish your own interstellar empire to dominate the galaxy and shape the future of space exploration 🌌★ The possibilities are endless in this vast and ever-expanding universe, where only the bravest and most ambitious can truly reach the stars and beyond.

Join the Idle Space Company, recruit hundreds of astronauts, train and equip them to improve your spaceships, and unlock all achievements to become the biggest tycoon! Idle Space Company is the perfect little pass-time simulation game to relax and escape the daily grind.

Embark on thrilling missions to explore new planets, mine valuable resources, and encounter strange and fascinating alien species. Expand your fleet of spacecraft, upgrade their capabilities, and engage in epic space battles to defend your territory and expand your influence. As you navigate the challenges of interstellar politics and navigate the complexities of managing a vast empire, you will test your strategic skills and decision-making abilities to their limits. Will you be able to rise to the top and claim your place among the stars as the ultimate space tycoon? Only time will tell in this exciting and immersive adventure through the cosmos.

Since your spaceships will continue to make money even when you are not actively playing, this game is known as an idle clicker or incremental game.

In this game, you will start off with a small fleet of basic ships that you can upgrade and customize as you progress. You will need to carefully balance resource management, research new technologies, and form alliances with other players to ensure your success in the vast expanse of space. With each decision you make, the fate of your empire hangs in the balance. Will you be a ruthless conqueror, a diplomatic peacemaker, or a cunning trader? The choice is yours as you embark on this thrilling journey through the stars.

💖💖💖We wish to thank almost one million gamers who downloaded Idle Space Company already. The game is still updated often with new features and content. Feel free to email any comments to feedback@blingblinggames.com!💖💖💖

In Idle Space Company, the options are unlimited as you navigate through the obstacles and opportunities of developing your empire. As you explore the depths of space, you will meet many obstacles and opponents that will challenge your strategic talents. Will you be able to adapt and prosper in this competitive atmosphere, or will you be left behind in the expanse of the cosmos? Only time will tell as you continue to increase your influence and establish your position among the stars.

Got a problem? Send us a ticket by going to the settings, tapping the “FAQ & Support” button, and entering your information. Or send us an email at support@blingblinggames.com!




This game can partially be played offline. An internet connection is needed to play events, claim rewards and connect your Google Play Games account for achievements and leaderboards.

This mobile game is completely free to play. Some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you wish to disable this feature of the game, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet's Settings. This app includes in-game advertising.

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