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Boost Your PC's Speed and Performance with CCleaner

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June 06, 2024
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More About CCleaner

CCleaner is a PC cleaning tool that removes unnecessary files, frees up disk space and improves your system performance.

CCleaner, with 20 years of experience, is a renowned cleaning software. It offers a variety of features, from cache cleaning to registry scanning, offering a complete solution with an effective free version. Available on Windows, Android and other platforms, CCleaner from Piriform is a reliable choice for keeping your system healthy.

Why use CCleaner?

During traditional uninstallation of software, certain files or folders remain on the computer, affecting system performance. CCleaner, a cleaning tool from Piriform, specializes in erasing obsolete files that clutter the hard drive and slow down device performance. The name CCleaner is a contraction of "Crap Cleaner", which means "dirt cleaner". This software's mission is to detect and erase unnecessary data, superfluous applications and registry elements that slow down the functioning of the operating system. In addition, specific modules and a portable version of CCleaner make their work easier by offering optimal security for the protection of privacy.

The main modules of CCleaner

CCleaner, compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android, is a system optimization and cleaning tool with several features and modules. Its main objective is to speed up the operating system by erasing unnecessary files and traces of internet usage and browsing. Computer optimization is achieved through clearing obsolete files and unnecessary keys in the system registry.

In addition to uninstalling unnecessary software, CCleaner offers the option to disable unnecessary services or programs during device startup, thereby contributing to better performance and security for users. The license price varies depending on the features and options available.

The cleaner

The main CCleaner module, in addition to freeing up disk space, plays a crucial role in protecting user privacy and security. The software is capable of detecting and clearing temporary data, cookies and browsing history from major internet browsers, including Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave. CCleaner extends its cleaning experience to third-party applications, including Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, WinRAR, Nero and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, thereby optimizing disk space and computer performance.

CCleaner also performs a deep scan of Windows system items, including Recycle Bin, recent files list, system logs, cache, etc. It comes in multiple versions, including a free version and a portable version, making it suitable for different types of users.

The registry tool

CCleaner offers an essential feature for the optimization and performance of your computer or device: cleaning the Windows Registry. The latter, a crucial part of the operating system, can often become cluttered with redundant or invalid entries, which can affect the performance and security of your system. With CCleaner, you can easily launch a deep scan of the Windows Registry with a single click, an option that improves user experience.

Once the scan is completed, the software provides you with a detailed report of detected issues, including obsolete files and keys. You then have the option to fix all of these issues at once or address them individually, giving you complete control over the use and optimization of your system.

Program management

CCleaner integrates various software and application management tools, including an advanced uninstaller, a software update utility, and a browser plugin manager. Unlike standard Windows system tools, the advantage of CCleaner is its ability to also reference pre-installed Windows applications, which are often omitted by the Control Panel. These are native applications like Cortana, Tips, Movies and TV, Messages, or even Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which can take up disk space without actually being used. This feature is also applicable to software pre-installed by the computer manufacturer.

CCleaner's built-in software update tool searches for and offers to install the latest available versions of programs and applications on your device, directly from the software interface. This is a particularly useful security and optimization option for software that has auto-updating disabled or non-existent.

As for the plugin manager, it offers a complete list of extensions added to the different internet browsers installed on your PC. This module allows you to activate, deactivate and delete chosen plugins, thus contributing to a better browsing experience and optimizing the performance of your system.